Sordid Cinema #502: ‘The Visit’ and the career of Wes Craven


Following his breakthrough with The Sixth Sense, his crowd-pleasing follow-up, Unbreakable, and the underrated Signs, M. Knight Shyamalan’s career has been in a seemingly bottomless free fall. In the wake of two big-budget, effects-driven flops (The Last Airbender, Another Earth) The Visit marks something of a return to form for Shyamalan and this week we will be discussing the film at length. After which we take some time to reflect on one of our favourite filmmakers, Wes Craven. We’ll fill you in on our favourite movies and our favourite scenes directed by the master of horror. Joining us this week is special guest Matt Donato from We Got This Covered.

Show Notes:

Here is the link to our Scream podcast special.
Here is the link to our A Nightmare on Elm Street podcast special.
Here is the link to our article listing Wes Craven’s best-directed scenes.



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00:00: The Visit movie clip
01:00: Show Intro
02:00: Open talk spot
05:00: The Visit trailer
06:00: Movie review: The Visit
36:00: The Visit movie clip
37:00: Metric – “The Shade”
38:00: Scream movie clip
39:00: Main Event: Remembering Wes Craven
63:00: A Nightmare On Elm Street trailer
64:00: DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince – “A Nightmare on my Street”

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