Sordid Cinema 504: ‘Cop Car’ and ‘We Are Still Here’


This week we invite former co-host Edgar Chaput to discuss two of our favourite genre offerings of 2015. First, we discuss Jon Watts’ throwback thriller Cop Car — about a couple of 10-year-olds who stumble upon an abandoned police cruiser and take it for a joyride. After which we review We Are Still Here, a suspenseful and well-crafted old-fashioned ghost story from writer/director Ted Geoghegan. All this and more!


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00:00: Cop Car clip
00:30: Show Intro
01:30: What we’ve been watching …
15:00: Cop Car trailer
16:00: Movie review: Cop Car
45:00: Cop Car movie clip
46:00: KRS-One – “Sound of the Police”
47:00: We Are Still Here trailer
48:00: Bonus ReviewWe Are Still Here
68:00: Patsy Cline – “She’s Got You”

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