Sordid Cinema 506: ‘Hellions’ and ‘A Christmas Horror Story’

hellions podcast review


This week we discuss two new Canadian Holiday horror films. The first is A Christmas Horror Story, which offers five interwoven, variably comedic tales of terror set on Christmas Eve — and the second is Bruce McDonald’s small-scale and ambition Halloween thriller, Hellions, which is best described as a metaphor for the fears that accompany teen pregnancy. Before all that we quickly discuss the first season of Fear the Walking Dead, John Carpenter’s The Fog and actor Michael Shannon. Our guest this week is former contributor, Al White.



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00:00: Show Intro
01:30: What we’ve been watching: Fear The Walking Dead and John Carpenter’s The Fog
20:00: A Christmas Horror Story clip
22:00: Main Event: review of A Christmas Horror Story
48:00: Sonic Youth – “Schizophrenia”
49:00: Hellions Trailer
50:00: Bonus ReviewHellions review
70:00: Battles – “The Yabba”

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