Sordid Cinema 507: ‘Crimson Peak’ and ‘Tales of Halloween’



This week on our main event we discuss Guillermo Del Toro’s supernatural Gothic romance Crimson Peak, written by Del Toro and frequent collaborator Matthew Robbins. We love how it pays homage to the British horror movies made by Hammer Film in the 1950s and ’60s, and Italian Giallo movies of the 70’s but we’re not so fond of the narrative. After we also take some time to discuss Tales of Halloween, a horror anthology film that consists of ten segments directed by eleven filmmakers under the moniker of The October Society. Joining us is Patrick Murphy, a contributor to PopOptiq and the founder of Porcupine Sundae.


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00:00: Show Intro
01:30: What we’ve been watching: Fargo and Phantasm
16:00: Crimson Peak clip
17:00: Main Event: Crimson Peak review
45:00: Crimson Peak clip
46:00: Siouxsie The Banshees – “Halloween”
47:00: Tales of Halloween Trailer
50:00: Bonus ReviewTales of Halloween review
70:00: Misfits – “Halloween”

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