‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ Special

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The dream – or nightmare – is a staple of the modern horror movie. After all, even as manipulative as the device is, it’s still a proven way to jolt an audience. Filmmaker Wes Craven understood this bit of cinematic psychology when he concocted the central idea behind A Nightmare on Elm Street, a title intended to be an exploration of surreal horror as opposed to just another slice-and-dice slasher movie. In both concept and execution, the first A Nightmare on Elm Street has a great deal more to offer than the Friday the 13th films or the Halloween sequels. Unfortunately, although the host of inferior Nightmare sequels turned the series into a box office sure-thing for New Line Cinema, they tarnished the image of the original, which deserves recognition as a near-masterpiece of post-’70s terror. Today On Sordid Cinema we will take a look back at the original Nightmare On Elm Street as well as the recent remake – and in between we will also review the only two sequels worth checking out.


Music Playlist

Charles Berstein -NightMare On Elm Street Theme Song

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – A Nightmare On My Street

Electric Prunes – too much to dream

Hawkwind – You know you’re only dreaming


  1. Sil says

    miko is actually not the son of the famous john hughes…his father is named john hughes

  2. Jessica says

    Yeah, number 6 is is pretty terrible but I always get a kick out of that scene where Freddy is tormenting the deaf guy. And in number 2, if you just watch the opening scene, you could make yourself believe that it’s actually a good movie. The rest is awful though but I find that I get better enjoyment out of it when I think of Freddy as a personification of Jesse’s repressed homosexuality gone awry. Try it, it makes the movie interesting and it gives meaning to all of the homoerotic undertones. It also makes the ending pretty tragic, when you think about it.

    About the podcast, I don’t agree with Ricky on the 7th being a great horror movie. The acting really grates on my nerves, particularly the kid. He was much more convincing in Pet Sematary. The movie tries to hard with music and special effects that what is going on is scary but there’s pretty much nothing happening all the way through. I find that a bit pretentious. And, as someone else mentioned, there is nowhere near enough Freddy or RObert Englund, who is clearly a more fascinating person and character than Heather Langencamp ever could be. Speaking of which, I found Heather Langencamp somewhat believable. She’s way better in New Nightmare than in Dream Warriors, which is also my 2nd favorite Freddy flick.

    By the way, do you guys consider Freddy vs. Jason part of the Nightmare on Elm St series? I have to admit that I really like parts of that movie (you guessed it, the Freddy bits). I thought he was at his scariest and most sadistic in that film. I just wish the casting of the “teenagers” in F vs J had been more inspired. I do consider it part of the series because it’s better than a few of the NOES sequels.

    I hope you guys do a special on the Alien Quadrilogy (I also have a lot to say about that). :)

    1. Ricky says

      Number 6 does have a great 10 minutes scene where one of the main characters loses his hearing and they play around with sound in post. Also Johnny Depp makes a cameo in this film. Look out for him.
      Number 2 is very homo-erotic considering it was done by a gay director. I love the scene where the teacher whips the two boys in the shower at the school gym dressed all in leather – WTF?
      Jessica – part 7 makes for the best screenplay – idea and premise of the entire series – I love the score –
      Dream Warriors is actually my second favorite also after part 1 –

      F v J is a part of the series just as it is part of the Friday the 13th series

      oh how I would love to review all the Aliens films but I would need a half an hour just to talk about each so that will be a very long show

  3. Dave Valentine says

    Excellent installment of Sordid Cinema guys. I’d initially been tempted to see Elm Street ’10, partly because of the intriguing extended back story to Kruger – However, I won’t bother now following the unfavorable views.

    Thanks for saving me the time and money – Keep up the good work!

  4. Jessica says

    Can’t wait to listen to this episode! I’m a huge fan of the Nightmare on Elm St series (yes, the entire series…even parts of #2, #5 and #6).

    1. Anonymous says

      OMG PART 6 IS SOOOOOO BAAAAADDDDDD – but worth watching to get some big laughs!!!!

  5. Michael says

    Save link is fudged.

    Has no address.

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