Sordid Cinema Podcast, Episode 45: David Lynch Special – ‘Inland Empire’

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In what turned out to be one of the most epic conversations in SOS history, Ricky, Simon and Edgar are joined by David Lynch superfan and friend of the show Kate Rennebohm for a two-part dissection of the man’s last two films: 2001’s Mulholland Dr. and 2006’s Inland Empire. Discussed: rabbits, the Lincoln assassination, the significance of doorknobs, yelling at Laura Dern, and many, many more odd tangents.



David Lynch – “Ghost of Love”


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  1. MadWolf says

    Just want to say THANK YOU for keeping this archived on your site for Lynch fans. I’m a really big Lynch fan and I confess to not embracing “Inland Empire” at first but upon repeat viewings and with patience I’ve grown to really appreciate it. And this very detailed discussion / analysis has definitely broadened the spectrum of ideas and interpretations about this very difficult but totally rewarding experimental masterpiece. GREAT STUFF!!!

  2. Sasa says

    “The funky stuff” LOL

  3. psynno says

    Excellent analysis of this amazing film. Although I tend to disagree with the way critics are constantly searching for answers and meaning. I doubt that Lynch could tell you what anything means here, he doesn’t have to. The film speaks for itself. I think what he is doing is creating an experience, and we should be watching IE with a feeling of acceptance. Throughout this discussion all were looking for meaning all the time. It’s as if everything has to be explained. I personally don’t like deliberate and intentional ‘artyness’ and pretentiousness in films. Lynch is so brilliant at realising his personal imagination that he takes us with him on this disturbing journey. I think this film is about one thing only: being lost. It takes us on that confusing journey until we finally lose sense of where we are and who we are.

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