Fantasia 2010: I Spit On Your Grave / Predators

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Fantasia kicked off this past weekend, and it brought with it a remake of one of the most notorious exploitation flicks ever, the rape-revenge horror movie I Spit On Your Grave. We survived the screening and lived to let you know if either version is actually any good, or just more cheap trash. Also out this weekend: from producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal, a sequel/reboot to the once-popular Predator franchise, simply titled Predators. We’ll let you know if the franchise should have stayed dead or not, and look back at the original Schwarzenegger vehicle.



The XX – Intro

Giacomo Puccini – Sola Perduta Abandonnato

Alan Silvestri – Predator theme music

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    1. Carley says

      I’ll try to put this to good use immaeidtely.

  2. Ricky says

    I wanted to discuss the background but we only have one hour to record each show at the radio station so we can’t go over the time limit. We spent too much time on I Spit On Your Grave but I think there was more to say about those films than Predator so I think we made the right choice. It wasn’t our best show but I really enjoyed having Ali on. I loved hearing her opinions on the films. Thanks for listening.

  3. djangoscud says

    Nice review of “I spit on your grave”. I had secretly watched that film on laserdisc when I was only 7. It messed me up. It was interesting to hear a review of this film. With “Predators” I think you guys should have given some background on the development. Rodruigez wrote that screenplay back in ’93 or ’94 and was supposed to have been cast with Arnold in Brodie’s role and Danny Glover in Larry Fishburne’s role. Both actors turned it down and Fox shelved it. Now they dust it off and ask for Rodruigez to help and he calls in 2 proteges to doctor it up a bit and make the characters more believable and realistic. Over all the movie seems a little better knowing the background and all the changes and pressure from a studio to pump out a product for summer audiences.

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