‘Insidious’, ‘Poltergeist’ and ‘Hausu’

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Saw originator James Wan’s long-hyped paranormal horror flick Insidious crept into theaters this week, so we thought it wise to look at one of its most obvious forbears, plus a cult oddity on the same tip. First up is 1977’s Hausu (House), a bizarre, chaotic Japanese horror-comedy like no other. Of course, no discussion of the apparition-fraught American family would be complete without the Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg 1982 “collaboration” Poltergeist. Stick around for the episode’s, uh, riveting conclusion.



Spoon – The Ghost of you Lingers (John McEntire remix)

Harlem – Friendly Ghost

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  1. Sil says

    did you know the scene where the family walks down the stairs at the beginning was filmed backwards??!! a bit of trivia..i enjoyed this film very much as a child. it still resonates a bit with me. i enjoyed it much better than paranormal activity (which was nothing but dreck!)…thanks guys..love your stuff…gonna look for hausa!!

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