‘Rubber’ and ‘Hobo With A Shotgun’ plus an interivew with director Jason Eisener

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We first reviewed Hobo With A Shotgun on episode 4 of our videocast Front Row Center, but now with the DVD’Blu-Ray release, we figured we’d give it another go. Fantasia Film Festival kicks off this week here in Montreal, and Hobo seems like a perfect way to start our Sordid Cinema podcast coverage. In addition we’ll also be taking a look back at one of the strangest films from last year’s fest, Rubber, by director Quentin Dupieux. Justine and Simon join Ricky D along with Hobo director Jason Eisener in another exciting episode of Sordid Cinema.



Lisa Louheed – Run With Us

Mr. Oizo – Rubber Theme Song

Handsome Furs – I Hate This City

  1. Ricky says

    Just because a filmmaker has taken his or her time & effort to create a movie, doesn’t mean the end result is always good. You can argue the directors of some of the worst movies ever made, poured their heart, soul, and bank account into making their debut feature, but sometimes not everyone succeeds.
    I also find it funny how you seem to think we seem bitter when we are clearly having a ton of fun recording this show and adding a dose of humour to the commentary.

    As for the gay one… well that is me and I was fairly positive with RUBBER and had nothing but great things to say about HOBO… I assume you are upset over the RUBBER review and I assume that you are actually upset with maybe Simon’s hash review. However I wrote a fairly positive review of RUBBER on the site, despite arguing that it would have made a better short film running in at around 20 – 30 minutes in length. I also complemented the film’s lead, cinematography, score, and other production values and admitted that I did find it entertaining.

    So from what I understand, your semi-homophobic/idiotic remark wasn’t directed to the gay guy but actually the straight guy who is Simon and not me… further proving how moronic the statement is.

    I am sorry we don’t like the exact same movies as you for the exact some reasons, but take a seat cause I have some really bad news to tell you. No movie will please every single person in this world. The great Pauline Kael hated every single one of Kubick’s films and gave CITIZEN KANE a negative review. I can understand being somewhat upset with Simon’s remarks and I agree he was aggressively snarky on this show, but why listen to a film review show if you are only interested in people agreeing with you. Go talk to yourself in a mirror for the rest of the afternoon. Your quasi homophobic remarks are no longer welcome on our site and honestly we really don’t need you as a listener nor a reader. Lucky for you, there are plenty of other film sites you can visit. CIAO!


    Considering the majority of us are still young and in school, I doubt we are failed writers or directors. In fact I think we do well considering we’ve built a very successful and respectful website and radio show with no financial backing, while working part time, or full time jobs and still finishing our studies. Failed we are not.

  2. Your Mother says

    Sometimes you guys sound so bitter, I think it’s mainly the gay one (way to squash stereotypes), the way you dismiss films that have taken time & effort to create like you could make one.

    You sound like failed directors or writers or whatever.

  3. […] and having reviewed the past weekends prospects I can’t see that changing any time soon, Hobo for example was only playing sporadically at the Prince Charles and I’m not sure I can be […]

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