Fantasia 2011: ‘Kidnapped’ – ‘Stake Land’ – ‘Trollhunter’ – ‘Some Guy Who Kills People’


Our sort-of Fantasia wrap-up continues. In this hour: Miguel Angel Vivas’s ultraviolent home-invasion thriller Kidnapped; Jim Mickle’s post-collapse vampire flick Stake Land, also out on DVD this week; and finally Trollhunter, the horror/comedy/mock-doc that’s been popular in Europe and on the fest circuit for some time. And, hey, bonus: we also have an interview with the writer and director of the John Landis-produced dark comedy Some Guy Who Kills People.



The Horrors- “Monica Gems”

Amor Fati – “WashedOut – Within and Without”

The Horrors – “Endless Blue”

The Innkeepers

Fantasia 2011: ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ – ‘The Innkeepers’ – ‘Absentia’ – ‘Marianne’

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