The Thing’ *Mild Spoilers*

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Way back in 1938, John W. Campbell Jr. wrote a novella entitled Who Goes There? – who’d have thunk it would have turned out to be the impetus for not one, but three feature films? (Not discussed today: Howard Hawks’ 1951 version, The Thing From Another Planet.) Ricky D, Simon Howell and Justine Smith along with special guest James Merolla review John Carpenter’s 1982 adaptation, The Thing and the recent remake/prequel (premake?) of the same name.


Music Playlist:

Marco Beltrami – “Contamination”

Ennio Morricone – “The Thing Theme Song”

Marco Beltrami – “Finding Filling”


  1. Supeta says

    I didn’t notice the other comment. Well I guess I’m not the only one. Makes me happy :)

  2. Supeta says

    I’ll say that I think that I could explain the exposure of The Thing in the Norris chest scene because of the “attack” of the defibrillator.

    I don’t see it as a plothole on how The thing behaves.

  3. Jared Tipton says

    Hey guys – nice show. Regarding the comments about the alien exposing itself when it didn’t have to — there’s a simple answer: the alien was being “zapped” by the defibrillator. To the alien, it was simply being electrified – or attacked – and had to do something to stop it.

    Also, Rob Bottin’s last name is pronounced “Bow-teen”.

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