Halloween Special

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Sound On Sight contributor James Merolla joins Ricky D, Simon Howell and Justine Smith to discuss their favorite horror films of all time, the results of their five-week horror marathon / contest, and the specific properties of real-life killer birds.


Music Playlist:

Bernard Herrmann – “Psycho Shower

Goblin – “Deep Red Theme Song

Wendy Carlos / Rachel Elkind – “The Shining Theme Song”

Charlie Clouser – “Saw Theme Song”

  1. Robert W says

    Regarding Argento’s giallos, I think Tenebre is, by far, his best best in the genre, and certainly one of his top three films.

    As for Bava, while The Girl Who Knew Too Much was the first giallo, I think his Blood and Black Lace is easily one of, if not the best photographed giallos ever made. I would even go so far as to say that along with Black Sabbath, this film stands right up there with the Wizard of Oz and To Catch A Thief as one of the greatest achievements in color photography.

    As for The Birds, I really don’t see what the big deal about that film is. I mean they are just birds. Really what is so scary about sparrows and canaries anyways. Hardly the stuff of apocalypses if you ask me.

    Getting back to giallos for a sec, I’m surprised no one mentioned Frenzy, which is certainly one of the better giallos ever made.

    And since you mentioned the Shining, I would like to bring up a film which I think was a huge influence on it, and that’s The Legend of Hell House. For me Hell House is the quintessential ghost/haunted house flick, probably packing in more atmosphere per square cinematic inch than any haunted house film before or since. I also think it’s one of the exceedingly rare films that’s actually better than the source material from which it originated from.

    1. Justine says

      I love The Legend of Hell House, such rich colour and one of my very favourite horrors. Maybe the best ghost film, I’ll agree on that.

  2. Peter says

    Could you please possibly list all the recommendations mentioned in the show?

    1. Ricky says

      @Peter – to make it simple – they are all mentioned on this list


  3. Christopher Connell says

    Can’t wait for the Argento special. I would recommend invoking the recent Slant Magazine Blu-ray review of it because it is a serious film as well as much as it is a stylish one.

    I’m also happy everyone likes Opera. I thought I was the only one.

    Speaking of Slant, has anyone else reconsidered Zombie’s Halloween/Halloween II? At this point I think it outdoes Antichrist (see Super 8 scene and ending in Halloween II if there are any doubts).

    1. Ricky says

      Honestly , I remember when we reviewed Halloween 2, I said it was a bit of a mess but a strange mess .. I have since tried to find a copy of the director’s cut but no luck so far.

      I was actually writing my list of best horror films of the aughts until Slant did it -… oh well …

      1. Robert W says

        I’d read that the original H2 shooting script was heavily reworked by Carpenter prior to filming.

        The novelization of the film is said to be very close to the original script though.

  4. Mario in Philly says

    The Birds is great filmmaking. The creepiest part of that movie is when the kids sing that damn song at the school yard. Very spooky!

  5. Christopher Connell says

    @ Rick, I didn’t say no love, I said little. I just thought everyone liked Deep Red and I’m shocked to see that you were swimming around by yourself there.

    I’m not a huge fan of the lesbian vampire genre,, but I admire the pure reverence of carnality.

    1. Ricky says

      I didn’t want to get into a debate over Deep REd on the show cause it might have taken an additional 20 mintues and the show was already getting a little too long. I figured I would save it for an Argento special. I can’t wait to explain why James , Justine and Simon are wrong about this film!

  6. Ricky says

    no love ???? I said I placed it on my all time list and number one for my giallo list
    check it out


    not a fan of Blood Splatter Bride … but it does have a few interesting moments

    Vampire Lovers … I don’t know… watch some Jean Rollin films – they are always fun

  7. Christopher Connell says

    I can’t believe there’s so little Deep Red love. It uses the water as unconscious/feminine/fertility as well as Suspiria.

    I like what everyone said about The Birds – I think the inter-species power relationships compare interestingly with the fear-of-evolution anxiety of The Thing or the technophilic satire of Christine.

    Any thoughts on Blood Spattered Bride, my other favorite lesbian vampire film?

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