Director Robin Hardy – ‘The Wicker Man’ / ‘The Wicker Tree’

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Long after its world premiere last July at the Fantasia International film Festival here in Montreal sharply divided viewers, Robin Hardy’s long-in-the-works sorta-sequel to his famed cult classic The Wicker Man is finally making its way to theaters – nearly 40 years after the first film opened. Justine, Ricky and Simon offer their takes on the new flick, as well as taking a look back at the 1973 original.


All music is taken from Paul Giovanni’s original soundtrack to The Wicker Man.

  1. wigwam says

    oh, but the bird-vision shots were awesome!

  2. wigwam says

    “Their beleif is not strong to begin with […] it’s commercialized, it’s media-ized, and it’s ultimately self-serving.”

    I need to send my relatives to the Church of Justine!

    Dallas, Tx (cowboy land)

    PS I cannot beleive you got anything out of that terrible movie!

    1. Justine says

      Wigwam, you are my favourite biggest fan that I’m not related to.

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