‘The Crazies’

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Horror director George A. Romero has always been known for the social commentary of his films, the political subtext his fans claim transform his gore flicks into the equivalent of a Jackson Pollack painting made with intestines. The Crazies, from 1973, is just such a film; a story about a bioweapon that’s more a platform for Romero to comment on the military than a horror movie. But how does the 2010 remake hold up to the original? Tonight, on Sordid Cinema—Sound on Sight’s poorly educated, clinically demented cousin—we take a look at both Romero’s original, and director Breck Eisner’s remake. Once we get bored with that, we’ll fill the rest of the hour with a review of Devil Times Five, a 1974 cheapie in which mental illness is treated just as exploitatively, but with the added bonus of turning children into tiny, bloodthirsty perverts.



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