‘The Crazies’

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Horror director George A. Romero has always been known for the social commentary of his films, the political subtext his fans claim transform his gore flicks into the equivalent of a Jackson Pollack painting made with intestines. The Crazies, from 1973, is just such a film; a story about a bioweapon that’s more a platform for Romero to comment on the military than a horror movie. But how does the 2010 remake hold up to the original? Tonight, on Sordid Cinema—Sound on Sight’s poorly educated, clinically demented cousin—we take a look at both Romero’s original, and director Breck Eisner’s remake. Once we get bored with that, we’ll fill the rest of the hour with a review of Devil Times Five, a 1974 cheapie in which mental illness is treated just as exploitatively, but with the added bonus of turning children into tiny, bloodthirsty perverts.


  1. Jonas Govaerts says

    During his review of ‘The Crazies’ remake, Rick wonders why there’s never been a movie in which only the women turn into zombies. Actually, there has: it’s called ‘Doghouse’ (Jake West, 2009, UK), and it just came out on DVD here in Belgium. It’s a suprisingly fun little movie, too, though clearly inspired by -the far superior- Shaun Of The Dead .

    1. Anonymous says

      Awesome! I guess I know what we are going to review on the next episode of Sordid Cinema! Thanks Jonas!

  2. Ricky says

    Which browser are you using because the link work fine on my end. Firefox is the best way to go!

  3. Ren says

    Link is fudged.

    Doesn’t have an mp3 link.

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