Sordid Cinema Podcast #73: ‘The Grand Piano’ ‘Almost Human’ and ‘Big Bad Wolves


This week on Sordid Cinema, Elijah Wood stars as a celebrated pianist who, five years after a notorious fiasco of a performance, is making a nervous, much-hyped return to the stage in Eugenio Mira’s Hitchcock inspired thriller, The Grand Piano. Afterwards, we discuss Almost Human by first time writer/director Joe Begos. This gory sci-fi / horror hybrid, made for just $50,000, is a throwback to the exploitation midnight movies, maniac massacres, sci-fi films and graphic horror flicks of the 80’s. Finally we also take a look back at the Big Bad Wolves, written and directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado. This brutal, unrelenting Israeli thriller from the filmmaking team behind 2010′s Rabies was named Quentin Tarantino’s favourite film of 2013. We’ll let you know what we think of it. All this and more!




Trance Figure – “School of Seven Bells”

Townes Van Zandt – “Lungs”

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