‘Dredd 3D’ and ‘Judge Dredd’

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As the Remakeathon continues unabated, it seems inevitable that someone would give the Judge Dredd series another crack, especially since the Sylvester Stallone / Rob Schneider attempt was generally deemed not so hot. (Who’d have guessed?) Dredd 3D finds Karl Urban donning the helmet, and Ricky D and Simon fly sans third host to tackle the new flick, along with re-running their older review of the original Dredd adaptation with special guest Derek Gladu.



Yamantaka – “Queens”

Handsome Furs – “Serve the People”

Dustin Wong – “Feet Prints on Flower Dreads”

  1. Ricky says

    Hey Adam,

    I really do want to see it again but I wonder if those “Columbine” surveillance cam scenes weren’t just directly lifted from THE RAID… which again, I admit is my main problem with the movie. I just feel like they set out to make THE RAID but with Dredd as a character.

  2. Adam says

    Some nice thoughts, but I really think you guys ought to watch this “mindless” film one more time while concentrating on some of it’s more subliminal and subversive references. The Columbine inspired surveillance cam scenes being one of them. Dirty Harry being another.


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