Sordid Cinema Podcast Rewind – Episode #17: Enter The Void

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One of our most popular and controversial shows was our special on director Gaspar Noe. Since Enter The Void has been released on DVD, I felt it would be a great time to publish this post again for anyone who hasn’t heard the podcast yet. Enjoy!

Argentine Gaspar Noé might not be the cinema world’s most prolific provocateur, but he’s certainly one of the most vigorous. After a long stint helming short films, he burst onto the scene with 1998’s caustic I Stand Alone, which chronicles the life and times of a troubled butcher / ex-con in early 1980s France. 2002 saw the release of Irreversible, one of the decade’s most polarizing and controversial films, a rape-revenge tale told, naturally, in reverse. Noé has finally returned with Enter the Void, an ambitious, 240-minute first-person feature that transcends all boundaries of time, space, and good taste. Rick, Justine and Simon braved all three of Noé’s flicks this week so you don’t have to.

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  1. Mike says

    Robert Montgomery directed Lady in the Lake, btw

  2. Mike says

    as far as the debate about whether or not Le Tenia is gay, i don’t really know where the contention comes from. Marcus and Pierre go to find him at a gay sex dungeon called “Rectum” after being told that’s where he can be found, which suggests to me that, despite labels of sexual orientation, the guy frequently associates with same sex anal-fisters. still, i’m hesitant to call the film homophobic in itself, but more inclined to think that Noe’s trying to begin the movie on an uncomfortable note, but in actuality i think it’s dangerous to make clean-cut analyses of anything Noe does since his most common themes seem to be chaos and corruption/decomposition. maybe if Le Tenia raped Pierre we could call it outright homophobic, but i think Noe’s just trying to obliterate any concise understanding of his characters psyche’s and using confusion and anxiety to shock viewers on a very basic, anti-rational level.

    of course i may be wrong, i watched the movie with my finger on the fast forward button the whole time and scanned through 25% of it out of revulsion.


    That podcast could arguably have been the best one of last year.

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