SOS This Week #20: Goodbye, Sound on Sight


The end is here for our beloved website.

In a short episode, we discuss a few noteworthy news moments, laugh about a crazy WTF story, and say goodbye to Sound on Sight. While the podcast will still be alive on another site, this one was our home and we are sad to see it shutdown after eight years.

We thank Rick and the rest of the writers and editors for all their hard work and hope that the next venture will be as successful as this one!


Top Stories

First trailer for ‘The Witch’ highlights 17th-century New England life

Watch the first trailer for Todd Haynes’ ‘Carol’

D23 2015: ‘Star Wars’ bags new director, ‘Pirates 5’ adds familiar face, ‘Civil War’ gets a trailer


Main Story

Sound on Sight is closing shop on August 28, 2015


WTF Story of the Week

Michael Shannon Got Stuck in a Porta Potty on Batman v Superman Because He Had Flippers for Hands

NYFF 2015 announces new additions to their lineup

Stars Wars #8: Immonen Debuts, Characterization Continues to Shine