SOS This Week #21: What I Learned This Summer At The Movies

Bill Hader and Amy Schumer in Trainwreck

In the latest episode, Brian and Zach discuss news stories from the week including a new Amy Schumer/Jennifer Lawrence team-up, the cast of the Richard Pryor biopic, and Steve Carell joining a famous director’s movie in place of Bruce Willis.

They are also joined by guests Christina Leo and Sarah Pearce Lord to discuss lessons they learned during the summer from movies like Trainwreck, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Mr. Holmes.


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Main Story

“Lessons Learned This Summer at the Movies”

With guests Christina Leo and Sarah Pearce Lord


WTF of the Week

‘Ultimate X-Men’ #7-9 is a black ops block party

Hannibal S03E13

‘Hannibal’ could live on in movie form, creator says