SOS This Week #22: The Crazy, Tangled World of Fan Theories (with guest Josh Spiegel)

Fan theories seem to be everywhere nowadays with something for everyone, including making The Joker a good guy in The Dark Knight, linking Andy’s mom to Jessie in Toy Story 2, and tying every Pixar movie together in one crazed timeline. But are those good for movie fans or bad? We bring on the Managing Editor of Movie Mezzanine, and host of the Mousterpiece Cinema podcast, Josh Spiegel to discuss his latest article on the dangers of fan theories and why they may be bad for film writing. We also discuss the latest news out of Telluride, trailers for upcoming Oscar contenders such as The Danish Girl, and say goodbye to horror legend, Wes Craven.


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Why Fan Theories are Ruining Film Discourse”

With guest Josh Spiegel, managing editor of Movie Mezzanine


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