SOS This Week #7: ‘Suicide Squad’ and Negative Fanboy Culture

Jared Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad

The initial reaction to press photos of Jared Leto and the cast of Suicide Squad have been largely negative, with people writing off the film entirely far before its release. We discuss why fanboys should tone down the negativity and why filmmakers and studios should consider scaling back the scale of teaser culture. Plus, our WTF of the Week involves a cafe designed by Wes Anderson, and we talk the new films arriving from Christoph Waltz, Orson Welles, Nick Park, and Louis C.K. Subscribe on iTunes! And read all of these stories on the SOS Blog.


Top Stories:

Main Story: Don’t Judge a Movie By It’s Costume

WTF of the Week: Wes Anderson designed a cafe in a Milan art gallery

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