Help Sound on Sight Get To TIFF

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Give us money or we shoot the puppy.

OK, not really. Here’s what’s up: the site is facing a couple of imminent financial issues of varying seriousness. The first is that at some point in the near future, we will need to be switching up our hosting situation. We currently host over 400 podcast episodes, not to mention the rest of the site’s content, and the heft necessitates new digs. Which, regardless of which precise setup we wind up with, will cost us.

The other hurdle is TIFF. This year, we’ve been fortunate enough to gain one (1) press pass, but anyone who’s been to TIFF will tell you that no one human can hope to encompass the festival in any sort of encompassing detail. Last year we got a pretty hefty amount of coverage in partially thanks to listener/reader support, and this year we’re hoping for a repeat.

No one at SOS gets paid; in the times we’ve been lucky, the site has more or less broken even. So anything you can float our way will go directly into our helping make the site better and also, you know, keep existing. And keeping that puppy alive.

If you feel you can help us get to the Toronto International Film Festival come September and help out with both traveling costs and movie tickets than please feel free to send any donation our way via the paypal button below. Many thanks from the Sound On Sight staff.

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