Ten Best Movies of 2011 / Review of ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’

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300 episodes. If that sounds like an insane number to you, that’s because it damn well is. Since the inception of the radio show roughly four years ago, we’ve reviewed roughly 750 films (if not more), undergone loads of changes in lineup, format, and recording setup, and had our share of trials. With 2011 coming to an end, Ricky D, Simon Howell and Justine Smith count down their respective Top 10s, ring in the forthcoming year, get progressively more belligerent, and find time in between to review the year’s last blockbuster, Brad Bird’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Salut!


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  1. tmack says

    Cruise is really an underrated actor but he has only himself to blame for that situation. I kind of liken him to Nick Cage in that he has a schizoid approach to selecting film. These are both actors that can take huge risks in the roles they choose and surprise you with the quality; but they both also have a profit motive–they’ll do any bs for money.

    There are many movies I’ve liked Cruise in. I loved him in Risky Business, Jerry Maquire, Minority Report, Vanilla Sky, the Last Samurai. I thought he was absolutely brilliant in Collateral. Why he would do something like Knight & Day mystifies me.

    I’m not a huge fan of the Mission Impossible Franchise. My main problem with Ghost Protocol is that Ethan Hunt doesn’t have a personal story–he’s all about action & stunts. Jason Bourne has a story; Batman has a story. But Ethan Hunt just kicks ass from frame 1 to last. The writers did try to humanize him somewhat at the end with the teary sacrifice story re his wife. But it was too little way too late. And that sacrifice didn’t motivate his actions during the film.

    I thought Ghost Protocol was too long and the parking garage fight went on too long and the villain was decidedly weak. Who would believe that guy capable of challenging anybody fight-wise?

    To be fair, I liked the way the film opened. But after the first 30 minutes it got predictable. Jeremy Renner is, I suppose, rehearsing his action moves for his role in an upcoming Jason Bourne film. All that said, I realize that guys get excited over the Mission Impossible series in the same way they like football, or prize fighting, or muscle cars. It’s okay.

  2. Mario in Philly says

    I have to agree with Ricky’s podcast comments on M:I:GP and Tom Cruise. The movie was as exciting and suspenseful and fun as I want an action film to be. And Cruise was in top form. When talking to friends about Cruise I always have to refer to him as a guilty pleasure. Perhaps they’re referring to his off-screen life but I like his onscreen persona. His acting style may not vary that much but he always delivers the goods (much more than a certain former ER actor who is being touted for best actor this year in a role that anyone could play just as well.)

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