Ten Best Movies of 2011

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300 episodes. If that sounds like an insane number to you, that’s because it damn well is. Since the inception of the radio show roughly four years ago, we’ve reviewed roughly 750 films (if not more), undergone loads of changes in lineup, format, and recording setup, and had our share of trials. With 2011 coming to an end, Ricky D, Simon Howell and Justine Smith count down their respective Top 10s, ring in the forthcoming year and get progressively more belligerent. Salut!


  1. Mario in Philly says

    Great discussion and lists! I still have Shame as my #1 favorite of the year too. Checking out Young Adult today because of Justine’s recommendation. Watched Bellflower last night per Ricky’s recommendation. I liked it and probably wouldn’t put it on my list but can certainly suggest it to others for viewing. I stayed away from The Turin Horse at the Philadelphiha Film Festival because of mixed comments, mostly negative, one of which was from Simon. I’ll still have to check it out because I’ll always wonder what I’d think about it. Looking forward to the Turin talk on the January podcast.
    My year-end list matches many mentioned in the podcast except I’m a huge fan of Tomboy. The acting was good and it nicely displayed issues of gender, identity and perception.
    Again, nice wrap up and looking forward to new reviews in 2012. Best.

  2. sillytee says

    great podcasts guys! i’ll be sure to watch the ones mentioned. i loved ‘tree of life’..don’t know if it’s my fave yet though…
    are you doing a worst of 2011???

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