Director Jason Reitman’s ‘Young Adult’ and ‘Thank You For Smoking’

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It seemed appropriate to kick off Sound on Sight’s third year of podcasting with a Montreal-born filmmaker – even if he’s more or less associated with Toronto. Jason Reitman’s been slowly getting more serious over the years, progressing from 2005’s light DC-centric satire Thank You For Smoking, all the way to his latest, the pitch-black sorta-comedy Young Adult, starring Charlize Theron as a successful-but-bitter writer. Ricky D, Justine Smith and Simon Howell are here to talk about both films, and Reitman’s career as a whole.


Music playlist

Teenage Fanclub – “Concept”

Tex Williams – “Smoke Smoke Smoke”


  1. Peter says

    Ricky – you’re so right about your comments on the 90s. I’ve started to feel that very strongly in the last couple of years. It was the most overrated, culturally bland decade in recent history. So pleased with itself that it wasn’t the 80s, it forgot to have an actual identity. It just tried to so hard to be edgy and cool. Now it just looks garish and vile. Bad times.

  2. Justine says

    Trichotillomania is unfortunately quite common among women. It’s a weird disorder, obviously harmful, but often not as immediately physically harmful as other self-harming techniques like cutting. It seems extremely appropriate for Theron, especially as it seems she was quite popular for her beautiful hair. It’s a weird combination of seeking attention and desperate attempts to hide the her true self-destructive nature. Again, quite sad. Little revelations like those are what really makes me empathetic with her character.

  3. Zornitsa says

    The classic symptoms of the former are frantic fear on abandonment (clinginess) and black-and-white thinking, while the latter is an impulse control disorder (pulling out hair in stressful situations).

  4. Zornitsa says

    I believe the Charlize Theron character has Borderline Personality Disorder as well as trichotillomania.

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