‘Kill List’ and the most anticipated films of 2012

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With 2012 underway and our collective imminent demise now closer than ever, it seemed as good a time as any to tackle Ben Wheatley’s apocalyptic, genre-defying Kill List, which we’ll talk about in both non-spoiler and spoiler flavors. In between, all four SOS regulars (Ricky D, Justine, Julian and Simon) are on hand for a look ahead at their respective most anticipated flicks of 2012. Yeah, it’s gonna be a stacked year.


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  1. Ricky says


    when we started the show way back, we used to really get into detail about filmmakers and movies assuming not everyone knew what we were talking about. It caused two problems. The first: it was time consuming

    The second: People complained saying they were quite familiar with who we were talking about and didn’t need the extra lesson.

    No matter what we do, we can’t win. LOL

    I would hope that if anything, it would get interested and maybe start researching the films and filmmakers we are talking about. The best movies are those that aren’t mass marketed.

    Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions about someone or something we mention. We are here simply to promote movies we love. That is the point and it is important to us that you know what we are referring to.

    We can also give you tips on when you can maybe see some of these gems.

    1. Staindslaved says

      Thanks for the offer Ricky. I like to do my own dirty work when it comes to discovering new films or filmmakers and expanding my horizons. My post was simply a self diagnosis of my own frustrations of not being able to follow along. Definitely was not a critique of the podcast and I appreciate this site as a go-to source for people who actually get film.

  2. Staindslaved says

    I consider myself a film-buff but as such I find it so disheartening to listen to the sound on sight podcasts sometimes. I think I have not heard of half the films or film-makers they make reference to in their anticipated films lists. I assume that living around an area that has film festivals and non-mainstream cinema in theaters gives them an edge. Still I’m always a little embarrassed when I don’t know who they’re talking about or what films they’re referring to.

  3. Johan.S says

    OMG Justine needs to learn to shut the fuck up!

    1. Sasa says

      Yes I agree. She is pretty bad. Hearing problems? WTF?

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