Director Joe Carnahan (‘The Grey’ / ‘Narc’)

The Grey Movie

Joe Carnahan has been oscillating between smaller genre movies and big-budget blowouts for the last decade, but in this hour we opt out of Smokin’ Aces and The A-Team in order to focus mostly on the first half of that equation. First up is the man-vs-wolf survivalist saga The Grey, new in theaters this past weekend, which we’ve paired up with Carnahan’s gritty 2002 drugs n’ cops thriller Narc.

We did our best to keep this one spoiler-free, but anyone who wants to stay completely pearly before seeing The Grey might want to wait to give our review a listen, given that some discussion of the ending was a necessity.



X – “The Hungry Wolf”
Fever Ray – “The Wolf”
REM – “Wolves, Lower”

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