Director Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ – ‘Psycho’ – ‘The Birds’

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Every month the Sound On Sight staff bands together to tackle a specific filmmaker, event and/or some sort of movie related theme. This month our focus shifts towards the “Master of Suspense”, Alfred Hitchcock.

After years of us promising to get off our asses and get it done, we’ve finally gotten our long-awaited Hitchcock episode done! Special guest and all-around movie knowledge hound Bill Mesce joins Ricky D and Justine Smith to chat up three of the maestro’s most famous chillers: Shadow of a Doubt, Psycho and The Birds.



Bernard Hermmann – “Shadow Of A Doubt Theme”

Bernard Herrmann – “Psycho Shower Theme”

  1. Robert W says

    I believe the origin of Uncle Charlie’s murderous urges are explained as a result of a head injury he suffered as a child.

  2. Staindslaved says

    Posted February 29th? How the hell did I miss this for a week? Excellent Podcast. I gotta tell you I am a huge Hitchcock buff and I would have been ready to pounce at any misstep. Most of the points I would have made were covered. Justine absolutely nailed it that Hitchcock’s earlier American films were more humanistic like Shadow of a Doubt and his later films which gradually grew to more technical marvels as he became less and less attached to the typical Hollywood style of filmmaking. The only thing I would add was that Hitchcock said he made Psycho to reclaim his title of master of suspense from Henri-Georges Clouzot who “stole” it away from him with his film Les Diaboliques (a film Hitchcock tried and failed to get the rights to film) and accounts greatly for the many twists in the film. Excellent Podcast, really enjoyed it, wish I could have joined in, thanks guys. Look forward to Hitchcock month on Sound on Sight.

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