Australian Genre Cinema: ‘Wake In Fright’ and ‘Snowtown Murders’ with Director Justin Kurzel

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Ricky D had the pleasure of interviewing the director and co-writer of Snowtown (or The Snowtown Murders, as it’s now known in North America), Justin Kurzel, who happened to mention that 1971’s Wake In Fright as a standout Australian cult movie – so we thought, why not finally take it on? Along with the interview and our review of Ted Kotcheff’s offbeat classic, take a listen back to our review from late last year of The Snowtown Murders.



Wake In Fright Extended Trailer

Nick Cave – “Shoot Me Down”

The Greenhornes – “Shame And Misery”



  1. Adam Farrington-Williams says

    ‘Picnic from Hanging Rock’ is actually a Peter Weir film (Australian director). That one is an Australian film. Beautiful cinematography. One of the dullest films ever.

    Meanwhile, we do have a drinking culture in this country.

  2. Ren says

    You should review Ghosts… of the Civil Dead in a show with Alan Clarke’s Scum.

    Would make a great double bill as they are very similar and equally brutal films.

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