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Dust off your tuxedos and get your martini shakers ready. The 007 film franchise is turning 50 this year and to celebrate, we have a very special review of Skyfall. It’s been a busy half-century since the super-spy hit the big screen, played by six different actors in no less than 23 films, and here to help us review the latest instalment is special guest host Gabe Bucsko from the Mouserpiece Cinema podcast.

This podcast is part of our 007 marathon. You can find all the entries by clicking here.



Adelle – “Skyfall”

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  1. Ricky says

    I am still fixing all these glitches.
    It works on my end. What browser are you using?

    let me guess… IE?

  2. Josh Slater-Williams says

    It may just be issues with my computer for whatever reason, but I can’t seem to get the complete episode to stream or download in any browser, nor will the full episode download in iTunes. Same thing’s happening with the latest Sketchy and older Sound on Sight episodes, but not Mousterpiece Cinema.

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