‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ / Videogame Aesthetics

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Following up from our epic Lord of the Rings ‘cast, Ricky D and Simon Howell had to find a way to keep the ante high to discuss The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. They could think of nothing better than to rope in one of their very favorite critics – and first-time SOS guest – Nick Schager (Slant Magazine, Time Out NY, The Village Voice) to dissect the movie and its attendant technological advances in detail. Discussed: dwarf psychology, videogame aesthetics, 48 frames per second, and Dead Alive.



The Felice Brothers – “The Big Surprise”

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  1. Peter Davies says

    With regards to Ricky’s comments about digital, I don’t think many people would claim digital looks better than film, but the simple truth is that digital is infinitely cheaper to shoot on and that’s what Hollywood is all about.

    If they can save millions of dollars on a production, shoot on a cheaper format and the vast majority of the audience can’t tell the difference then that’s the obvious choice.

    The best looking film was probably the 3 Stripe process used in the 30s on productions like The Wizard of Oz, but it’s so insanely expensive it was phased out years ago.

    The reality is that soon the majority of Hollywood and most film production around the world will be shot on digital, but it’s not to do with art, its just about saving money.

    1. Ricky says

      Hey Peter,

      No doubt, digital is great for independent filmmakers but if Hollywood spent less money elsewhere, they could afford to shoot on film. FACT is they spend ridiculous amounts of money on crap they don’t need to spend money on.

      As for the HOBBIT – read Bill’s article … link below.

      Studios are spending so much on stuff like 48 FPS and 3D and it ends up costing them more.


  2. Sasa says

    In Canada tickets for the cinema seem to be way too expensive.

    In Slovenija (European Union) a ticket costs 5,30 € in 2D and 6,30 € in 3D.
    + In the local cinema you get 2 tickets for the price of one on monday.
    6.3 € is 8.2 dollars.
    So, on monday you can get a 3D movie for around 4 dollars.
    If you are a child or a student, you pay even less than that.

    1. Edgar Chaput says

      Damn, those are good deals!

      1. Sasa says

        Yes, you have some crazy prices in Canada. You (as a critic) have to spend like hundreds of dollars every month for cinema tickets only. I hope you have some sort of sponsor or something.

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