Sound On Sight Podcast #374: Best Soundtracks of 2013



With 2013 very nearly dead and gone, Ricky D, Simon Howell and guest Deepayan Sangupta shoot the proverbial shit on some of their favorite holiday-set films, as well as their general impressions of 2013 as a filmgoing year. In between talk spots, we’ve chosen some of our favorite soundtrack selections from the 2013 filmscape for your hopefully gleeful consumption. Happy holidays, y’all.



Her: The Breeders, “Off You”
The Bling Ring: Klaus Schulze, “Freeze”

Afternoon Delight: Bowerbirds, “In the Yard”

Sightseers: Popol Vuh, “Ah!”

Frances Ha: David Bowie, “Modern Love”

Spring Breakers: The Cool Kids, “What Up Man”

The World’s End: Suede, “So Young”

Drinking Buddies: Wolf People, “Cotton Strands”

Inside Llewyn Davis, “Please Mr. Kennedy”

The Battery, Rock Plaza Central, “Anthem for the Already Defeated”

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