Sound on Sight Podcast Rewind -Episode #182: Jeff Bridges Special

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With the release of Tron Legacy, It thought it would be fun to once again publish this post. Enjoy!

He’s been nominated for four Academy Awards, and by Tuesday morning, in all likelihood, it’ll be five, but Jeff Bridges isn’t necessarily thought of as a prestige figure. That may change thanks to the release of Crazy Heart, in which he plays a broken-down, aging country star. To celebrate Bridges’ coming into critical favor, Al, Mariko and Simon will be looking at that film, as well as his breakout film – Peter Bogdanovich’s The Last Picture Show (1971), as well as John Carpenter’s alien love story Starman (1984).

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  1. […] huge fan of Jeff Bridges. We’ve dedicated an entire hour to him last year with the release of Crazy Heart, and another two shows at the end of 2010, featuring reviews of Tron: Legacy and True Grit. And […]

  2. Sher Singh says

    LOVED IT!! Amazing movie!! I agree the story was a little weak, but it was good enough that I was intrigued for 2 hours. Visually flawless, great action, perfect soundtrack!

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