Sound On Sight Podcast Rewind Episode #227: The American / Mesrine

This week, we have a double, er, triple feature of Euro-inflected crime movies. First up is music video disciple Anton Corbijn’s The American, starring George Clooney as a reclusive, moody “craftsman” hiding out in a beautiful Italian villa following . Accompanying it is Mesrine, the four-hour, two-part thriller/bio-pic portrait of infamous French serial burglar and murderer Jacques Mesrine. Hosts Simon, Derek and Justine were so fazed by the latter that the result must be one of the most scattered reviews in Sound on Sight history, though you might at least leave it with a working definition of the term “Lewis.”
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The Soundcarriers – There Only Once
Yo La Tengo – Periodically Triple or Double
Dosh – Airlift

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