Sound On Sight Podcast Rewind Episode #231: Fubar

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How do you know when a mockumentary is Canadian? Well, it might open with a disclaimer like this: “The following ‘documentary’ is fictional. We apologize to any person appearing in the film who believed the documentary was real. Your agreement to appear in the film is greatly appreciated.” That’s from the opening of Fubar, Michael Dowse’s faux-chronicle of a pair of Calgary headbangers as they navigate their way through adulthood, mortality and many, many Pilsners. The film was popular enough to spawn a sequel, this weekend’s Fubar II, so Derek, Detroit and Simon will assess both flicks as well as Dowse’s semi-verisimilitudinous take on Ibiza rave culture, It’s All Gone Pete Tong.

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The Sweet – Blockbuster
Creeper – Garden of Evil
Girlschool – C’mon Let’s Go
Breach of Trust – Eyes of a Stranger

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