Sound On Sight Podcast Rewind: History of the Academy Awards

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With the Oscars tomorrow night, I thought it would be fun to republish some older episodes of Sound On Sight Radio, in which we discussed the ceremony as well as review some of the previous best picture winners. Below are three of our older podcasts. In the first we review West Side Story, Marty and It Happened One Night with former host Ali as well as Simon and myself (Ricky D). In the second show the same three hosts review Network, Cabaret & Midnight Cowboy. Finally in episode #184 Simon, Ricky and former co host Mariko McDonald discuss two films by director Billy Wilder that won Best Picture: The Lost Weekend and The Apartment. Enjoy.


Episode 91 – History of the Academy Awards part 1

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With the 81st Academy Awards a little over a month away, Sound on Sight presents three special reviews of past Best Picture winners, each picked by a different host. Rick had singled out 1934’s It Happened One Night, directed by Frank Capra and starring Clark Gable. 1955’s Marty was Simon’s pick, and 1961’s hit musical West Side Story was picked by Ali. How have these supposed classics held up over time? Find out, as we discuss the films and dole out way more Oscar trivia than previously thought possible.


Episode 97 – History of the Academy Awards part 2

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Episode 97 comes a day after the 81st Academy Awards and we have our comments on the highlights and lowpoints of the show. As well we look back at two films that won best picture in the past and one which we feel should have. First up is the first and only film X-rated film to win the big award, Midngiht Cowboy. Second we take a look at Cabaret, the film that took home the award for best director over Francis Ford Copolla’s work on The Godfahter. Finally we review one of Simon’s favorite films Network which despite it numerous Academy Award nominations, lost out to Rocky.

Episode 184 – History of the Academy Awards part 3

Last Tuesday morning, the Academy of Arts and Sciences released its list of nominations for the 82nd annual edition of its awards – better known as the Oscars. It’s the first time in about seven decades that its coveted Best Picture field has expanded to ten slots, thereby leaving room both for more mainstream fare like Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 and typical awards fare like Sandra Bullock Rescues the Poor Black Man. We’ll be dissecting the nods in a typically thorough fashion. Accordingly, hosts Mariko and Rick were asked to choose a prior Best Picture winner to discuss on the show, and since both went with Billy Wilder flicks (1945’s The Lost Weekend and 1960’s The Apartment) , this also works as a de facto Director’s Special. Two for one!

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