Sound On Sight Radio #145 – A Real American Hero, Steven Sommers

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This past weekend, the hopes and dreams of 80s action figure fanboys came to life with the release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Stephen Sommers’ adaptation of the Hasbro toy line, animated TV show, and comic book series. Provided, of course, fanboys dream in bad CGI and half-formed sentences. The film follows a team of international super soldiers tasked to protect the world from a rogue weapons designer who lives in the Little Mermaid’s castle and probably hates chocolate and puppies. Tonight, Sound on Sight takes a look at the adventures of Hawk, Duke, the Baroness and Destro, as well as reviewing two of Sommers’ earlier films, 1999’s smash hit The Mummy, and the previous years’ B-movie creature feature Deep Rising.

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  1. Tim says

    Just saw GI Joe last night. So bad. The only good part was the Paris scene and even that was stolen directly from the opening of Team America, minus the irony!
    Deep Rising was amazing. I have to watch it again. You guys were too harsh on the Mummy.

    1. Ricky says

      When you say you guys, you mean Simon and Al I presume. Yeah Deep Rising rocks…

  2. Ricky says

    Yeah I had way too much on my mind. I made many mistakes when it came to naming of movies. Al really pissed me off and this is what happens.

    1. Al says

      I still don’t know what I did.

  3. Tristan says

    Great show! I loved DEEP RISING! Granted, I saw it about ten years ago, but I still loved it. This is a hilarious show! You guys were so distraught over G.I. Joe that Rick accidentally called Moonraker Moonwalker!!!

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