Sound On Sight Radio #152 – Bronson & Life Is Hot In Cracktown

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Here at Sound on Sight, we’re gearing up for our epic coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival, so we decided to do clean house a bit by taking on two films we’ve been chomping at the bit to finally cover: cult director Buddy G’s Life Is Hot In Cracktown, based on his short story collection of the same name, and British hit Bronson, from Nicolas Winding Refn (helmer of the Pusher series), which tells of Britain’s most notorious inmate. Al and Mariko are still out of town, so Detroit Burns returns to the guest spot.

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  3. Michael H says

    Hi, being a Brit I’ve had a chance to see Bronson earlier in the year and I still think Tom Hardy possibly the best performance of the year. Just wanted to pick up Simon’s point of style over content, this film was always going to be extremely ambivalent as Bronson is suc a engima. My brother’s ex is a probation officer who has no time for the majority of crims but had quite a fascination for Bronson and a lot of sympathy for the man despite his crimes. The man is just one huge question mark, you couldn’t even find out his motivation even if you wanted to as no one can get a chance to speak to him! All you can go on are his actions and they are are so contradictory and batshxt, which I think they have managed to capture in this film by trying to show what’s in the man’s (persona’s) head. It is essentially a tour of his psyche, not a typical biog, with no answers. Plus the scene with the headcase disco with the Pet Shop Boys in the background is soooo funny. If you like the Walker brother’s (orginal) version of “The Electrician”, listen to Sightings’ version off their “through The Panama” album. If you like Wolf Eyes, Black Dice etc. you’ll love it.

    1. Ricky says

      Thanks Michael. We always do get the best feedback from our European listeners!

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