Sound On Sight Radio #154: TIFF ’09 Report: Midnight Madness

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This past week saw Rick and Simon head to Toronto for this year’s TIFF, and one of our major focuses there was the Midnight Madness program, a selection of films too wild and crazy to play anywhere else at the fest – and this year’s program featured some doozies. Today, we’ll be talking about Spanish horror sequel [Rec] 2, the attempted exploitation throwback Bitch Slap, a gruesomely funny Australian horror flick called The Loved Ones, and the horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body, which also saw general release this past weekend.

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  2. Roger says

    You guys didnt like BitchSlap? Are you 2 gay or something?

    1. Ricky D says


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  4. Alyssa says

    After listening to the agony of Bitch Slap – sounds like Rick and Simon need some kind of safety word to use at screenings that are going badly.

    My husband and I have an extraction word – when someone needs to leave a party or escape a terrible conversation – and it works well for us. You should try it.

    Also – glad to hear you guys had a great time. I missed the show!

    1. Ricky says

      According to Simon, he never walks out of a movie so it never occurred to me to devise some sort of plan to walk out.

      1. Alyssa says

        Yeah – I used to say that.

        Then I got older and realized that consuming media for a podcast meant I had to be a tiny bit more realistic about my time.

        I don’t walk out on much, but you’ve got to allow yourself the flexibility. But Simon’s only like 16 so maybe he hasn’t figured that out yet.

  5. Tim says

    Giving out about a lesbian make out session! They’re never pointless. Especially if Megan Fox is involved and I’m watching it.
    Nice with Florence and the Machine. Is she big in Canada, or is Simon just trying to get some Indie cred? :-)

    1. Ricky says

      I am going to have to do a music show because everyone seems to think that Simon picks all the music. What about me ?

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