Sound On Sight Radio #155 – TIFF ’09 Report: The Informant!

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In our second look at the work of director Steven Soderbergh, Sound on Sight takes on three of the celebrated director’s crime-related films – though they’re crimes of different stripes. His latest, The Informant!, takes on white-collar crime, and stars Matt Damon as a corporate whistleblower who may not be as innocent as he seems. His caper flick Out of Sight is a tale of robbery gone wrong and right, with a little romance thrown in, and The Limey, starring Terence Stamp, acts as Soderbergh’s take on the ever-popular revenge thriller genre.

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  2. Ricky says

    So how the hell does Simon know who Joe Dallesandro is? I thought he never watched any movies before he started hosting the show. Also you are all correct. The Limey is by far the director’s best film!

    1. Simon H. says

      Ah, the magic of iMDB.

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