Sound On Sight Radio #156 – TIFF ’09 Report: Life During Wartime

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Since his 1995 breakthrough Welcome to the Dollhouse, director Todd Solondz has been one of the most audacious and controversial voices to come out of recent American independent cinema, and thanks to the arrival at TIFF of his latest, Life During Wartime, Ricky and Simon decided to take on three of his demented, blackly funny films, including Dollhouse, Wartime and his 1998 critical smash Happiness, to which Wartime is more or less a direct sequel – with a completely different cast.

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  1. Kyle says

    I have been waiting for this film for almost a year now but totally missed the Chicago viewing last year. Todd is amazing and I can’t wait to see this movie, happiness is one of my favorite movies and hopefully he surpasses myself again in this new film.

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  3. Sandra says

    I know nothing about Solondz, but I was holding my breath the whole time hoping you’d play Talking Heads. I’m glad you delivered.

    1. Ricky says

      Glad we didn’t let you down!

  4. Tristan says

    I love the films of Todd Solondz. Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness are masterpieces. Storytelling was a little too sick, but certainly good. Palindromes was alright.

  5. tim says

    wow welcome to the dollhouse was hopeful!

    Happiness was pure shocking.

    Storytelling not his best.

    Palindromes loved the way he pulled this one off.
    fact is I’ll always watch anything he does because he always take risks and hell writes anything he wants.

  6. tim says

    Todd is amazing.

  7. Tim says

    Love the new site design guys. Just one point: Get a sexy new logo.

  8. Bill says

    Not working.

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