Sound On Sight Radio #159 – Zombieland

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The eating of human flesh is one of the last great taboos in Western society, despite the fact that the world’s hunger issues could be easily be solved by eating everyone who looks like they taste of Popeye’s chicken. Perhaps that’s why zombie films are so popular, as they touch on deep-seated, primal fears. As to why zombie comedies find such success, perhaps it’s because for every person quivering with disgust at the reanimated dead, there are two others with computer folders full of dead baby jokes, hatecore, and photos of car wrecks turned into motivational posters. Tonight, Sound on Sight takes a look at the zombie comedy phenomenon, as we review this week’s number one film, Zombieland, as well as British rom-zom-com Shaun of the Dead, and 1985’s Return of the Living Dead.

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  3. Ian says

    Hi Guys, disappointed with the Zombieland review. Reasons being you recommend the movie, but spent most of the time highlighting the stuff you guys didn’t like???? For a movie you liked and are recommending it was far too negative!!

    1. Ricky says

      Hey Ian,

      My reason for doing so is simple. I feel Zombieland is a fun watch but it is far from a great film. I went in with high expectations because of all the generous reviews which over hyped the film. I did not want to praise the film too much because I felt our listeners would expect too much. Also I felt our review was a nice contrast to the majority of podcasters out there. I am glad Zombieland topped the box office and I am glad I watched this film. However I really felt it was borderline average. A great horror comedy would be Slither which balances the two genres well. Too much Com, not enough Zom for this horror aficionado.

  4. Derek says

    Hey guys, that was a great show.

    What really did it for me though was that unforgettable 50 minute cameo by Rick, Simon, and Al.

  5. Tim says

    Simon’s right. Al is wrong.

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