Sound On Sight Radio #162 – Coen Brothers special part 3

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This weekend, the 14th feature from Joel and Ethan Coen finally hit Montreal, so we’re once again delving into the filmography of the Minnesotan duo. We’ll be talking about that film, a dark 1960s-set comedy entitled A Serious Man, as well as two of the brothers’ cult favorites: their dark neo-noir debut Blood Simple and the stoner caper comedy The Big Lebowski.

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  2. […] Listen to our review from podcast #162 […]

  3. Tim says

    Great show guys. I only just saw the Big Lebowski in its entirety for the first time two weeks ago. I used to work at a videostore and when it came out on video my co-workers kept putting it on so i only caught bits and pieces of it but over and over. So it kind of spoiled it. But after leaving it for ten years and watching the it from start to finish was a real treat. Loved it.

  4. Duncan says

    This should be interesting. The Big Lebowski is one of my top 5 favourite films.

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