Sound On Sight Radio #166: Night of the Creeps

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If Jesus gets to show up two months early for Christmas, with his goddamned Jingle Cats CDs and Jim Carrey movies, then I decree that we here at Sound on Sight can make Halloween last just a little bit longer. So, even though it’s almost mid-November, who’s to say we can’t still have a little spooky fun while the rest of the continent buys Nintendo DS games for their Mongoloid nephews. Tonight, we take a look at two films from cult director Richard Stanley, Dust Devil and the newly released Blu-Ray of Hardware. We’re also going to take a look at the new collector’s edition of 80s genre comedy Night of the Creeps, and the theatrical release of alien abduction chiller The Fourth Kind.


Visit Severin films to pick up a copy of Hardware on Blu-Ray


  1. Cd Mailer says

    I cannot believe just how advanced 3-d technology is turning out to be latley. Rather soon they are putting out 3d smart phones and the 3ds handheld might be fun. Still i feel that its somewhat gimmicky. Any views?

  2. […] In the early 90s, South African director Richard Stanley was a young director with a short but promising career directing music videos and documentaries. After finishing his first feature length film, the cyberpunk splatter flick Hardware, Stanley started working on his dream project Dust Devil: a horror film very loosely based on the Nhadiep, a Namibian mythical serial killer. Dust Devil is one of the most original and profound pictures ever screened in the entire history of the film festival. Visually speaking The Dust Devil is nearly flawless and Richard Stanley’s eye for composition and ability to build up mood are forever burnt into the imagination of devoted cult followers such as myself. Devil is a remarkable horror film that successfully mixes graphic gory realism with a supernatural mythology and the Spaghetti western iconography with African spiritualism. Cut from 120 minutes to a trifling 86 minutes, Dust Devil was butchered into incoherence by the studios and only recently found a proper DVD release. Thankfully Fantasia’s fans had a chance to see the original cut on the big screen back in the late 90’s. Earlier this year Sound On Sight devoted a chunk of its radio show to the director. Listen to our special on Richard Stanley here. […]

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