Sound on Sight Radio #181: Legion and Religious Horror

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As the dregs of January wear on, with our spirits low, sometimes it helps to pretend that there’s a higher power up above who as a place for us lowly movie reviewers in his divine plan. Unfortunately, if this week’s movies have it right. God is a petulant, fickle, bloodthirsty creep with a taste for child murder and bad acting. Since this past weekend saw the release of Legion, Al, Mariko and Simon take on that movie along with two others that deal with less-than-benevolent visions of Our Divine Creator Who We Shall Speak No Ill Of, including 1995’s Elias Koteas vehicle (?!) The Prophecy and Bill Paxton’s directorial debut from 2001, Frailty.

Special bonus: Al and Mariko rhapsodize on the glory/terror of The Exorcist II.

Spoiler Warnings in effect for all three movies. You’ve been warned.

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  1. bleuaméricaine says

    After listening to this podcast it once again came to mind how lovely it would be if you listed the music you’ve played on the show on the website. This hour had amazing picks…

    1. Ricky D says

      I guess we will start doing this when we reach episode 200

  2. gamerati says

    can’t download :(

    1. Ricky says

      try again. It works for me. Or try opening it in another window. maybe you have to give it a second . Also it is on I Tunes!

  3. s ford says

    i can’t download it from itunes annoyingly enough too.

  4. Jeff says

    Nope – my podcatcher (Juice) couldn’t download it either. I came here to download it manually. Great podcast guys – keep up the good work. (BTW – please stick to film reviews and stop bashing religion.)

  5. Croc says

    Am I the only one having problem downloading this from Itunes?

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