Sound On Sight Radio #185: Un Prophète / Talk To Her

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We continue our spotlight on international cinema with one of last year’s most widely praised features, Jacques Audiard’s epic crime/prison drama “A Prophet,” which makes its Montreal debut this week, and is up for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Feature. We also continue our look at Pedro Almodovar’s filmography with what may be his most celebrated release of the ‘aughts, Talk to Her. Special guest Detroit Burns returns for round two.

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  2. […] Listen to our review from podcast #185 […]

  3. […] Listen to our review from podcast #185 […]

  4. Tim says

    If your looking for a decade name they settled it in Europe a while ago. They call the last decade The Noughties, because the number zero is also known as nought.

  5. Ricky says

    I agree and it should appear on my revised best of the decade list !

  6. bleuaméricaine says

    Not that I don’t love the show anyway, but I LOVE the fact that Almodóvar is your first “specialty of the month”. Talk to Her is my favorite movie ever and I really appreciated the review – I think your description of Almodóvar movies being about “love and love lost” was spot on. One thing though – Detroit sort of passingly mentioned Bad Education in a belittling sense and I am stoutly of the opinion that it is a severely underrated masterpiece of cinema. I urge you to review it on the show.

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