Sound On Sight Radio #188: Director Martin Scorsese

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It’s hard to believe that after nearly 200 hours of programming, we’ve never had an episode tailored around the singular talents of one of America’s most revered filmmakers: Martin Scorsese. Shutter Island, the Dennie Lehane adaptation that was unceremoniously delayed for five months, found its way to theaters this past weekend and brought in Scorsese’s best opening-weekend take ever, perhaps solidifying the lasting appeal of its star, Leonardo DiCaprio. With the help of returning guest Derek Gladu, we’ll let you know if it’s any cop. Additionally, we’ll be taking a look back at two of Scorsese’s relatively less prominent efforts, 1985’s dark farce After Hours and his 1991 remake of Cape Fear.

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  1. Ricky says

    I haven’t watched the movie yet because I found the trailer annoying. However since everyone says the trailer doesn’t give anything vital away, I decided to see it after all.

  2. PlanBFromOuterSpace says

    I’m a manager at a Regal Cinema down here in the States, and the “Shutter Island” trailer has been showing for approximately FOREVER. I remember it running with stuff last summer and having to yank the old trailer (and posters, but not before snagging one for myself) in August or September or whenever the movie got delayed, so I would have to disagree when you guys were saying that it wasn’t getting any attention early on. Unfortunately, when the movie was delayed, the trailer remained the same (minus the “October”), so I got pretty sick of it and just wanted the movie to come out so that i wouldn’t have to see the trailer anymore. Still have yet to see the film though, which I hope to get around to this week.

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