Sound on Sight Radio #195: SXSW / Film Scores

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In a special edition of Sound on Sight, we’ll be getting a live-from-Austin update on the South by Southwest film festival from our area correspondents. While we get that business our of the way, we’ll be having out second behind-the-scenes feature in as many weeks as Matthew Bell joins us to talk about the world of film scoring.

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  1. Duncan Timiney says

    I really love film scores, so appreciated this episode a lot. I admit I’m not fond of the sweeping, epic like the only played in the show, but you do talk about all of my favourite composers. I do like James Horner’s score for Aliens. Jerry Goldsmith, of course. Actually the Total Recall music is what got me interested in him, so it amused me to hear that he was fond of it himself. He’s composed some cack, too though – the dreary score in the Rambo films for example. The Solaris score is also one of my favourites, so was pleased that you selected a piece from it.
    My other faves are Alan Silvestri, Kenji Kawai, John Barry, John Carpenter, Yoko Kanno and Howard Shore. Let’s have another episode on scores in the future!

  2. irwin cross says

    Really great segmant you guys cheers

  3. amber nolen says

    Great show guys i love movie scores!!! i hope you guys can do another show on movie music i’m from florida and you guys rock from week to week keep up the good work its great i can download this show on my i pod and listen to this great music.

  4. audrey papagouras says

    wow that was a great segmant you dont hear enough about film composer and how important they really are i hope we can hear more in the near future that was super entertaining great music.

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