Sordid Cinema Podcast #10: Splice & Other Canadian Horror/Sci-Fi Films

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Before director Vincenzo Natali, Canadian horror was perhaps best known for helping Corey Haim pay his rent and David Cronenberg funnel grant money into his latex and slime fetish. But then came 1997’s bloody low-budget sci-fi film Cube, an indie darling that proved that talent and perversion don’t always go hand in hand. Okay, maybe they do, as evidenced by this week’s Splice, in which the Natali caught whatever STD Cronenberg’s got and mixed mutant sex with science fiction. Tonight on Sordid Cinema, we’ll take a look at Natali’s two biggest features, and well as David Cronenberg’s 1999 film eXistenZ, a similarly-themed film in which the talented Canadian director tries to stick his dick in a video game


Music Playlist

The Whitsundays – Can’t Get Off My Cloud
Caribou – Sun
Brasstronaut – Ravan
Bruce Peninsula – Shutters

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