Sound On Sight Radio #211: World Cup Of Movies Part 2

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As World Cup fever continues unabated like that weird rash you never got looked at, Sound on Sight continues to take a look at soccer flicks. This time around, we’re a little more firmly heeled in the realm of the conventional “sports movie;” which is to say, you can expect there to be good guys, and for them to win at soccer. This includes two UK exports – the Vinnie Jones vehicle Mean Machine, also starring a then-nascent Jason Statham in a bit part, and 2001’s international feel-good hit Bend it Like Beckham, which unleashed that Keira Knightley kid upon an unsuspecting public. We’ll also be talking about Stephen Chow’s breakthrough flick, the martial arts/sports-movie/slapstick comedy hybrid Shaolin Soccer.

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Music Playlist:

Olé Olé Olé – We Are The Champions – Overtone with Yollandi Nortjie

Fancy Footwork – Chromeo

Search and Destroy – The Stooges

Punjabiyan Di Shaa – Bend It Like Beckham[ad#left-side-ad]

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  1. Tim says

    How can you be a fan of Vinnie Jones? The guy is just a manikin. It worked in Lock, Stock but then did the same part in every other movie.

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